We The People - Discography Cassette

We The People - Discography Cassette

We the People were around from 2003 until roughly 2007 / 2008. Initially intended to be a pure Oi / Street Rock project, WTP's sound developed quickly into a hybrid of the aforementioned, fused with classic early 80s Boston and DC Hardcore with tasteful 70s hard rock flourishes. Their final recording, "The Shape" EP took their sound and focused it, taking inspiration from post punk and post hardcore influences. They even paid homage to Second Empire Justice by Blitz before it was cool.

This cassette features all of WTP's recorded works on side A, with Live tracks, rarities, and covers on side B.

The lineup featured seasoned musicians that spent time in other Syracuse bands such as Black SS, Spark Lights the Friction, The Funeral, Darker Day Tomorrow, The Nojons, AWOL, Bad Cops and more.

Obligatory FFO: Slapshot, Blitz, Negative FX, Minor Threat, The 4 Skins,Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Embrace, The Meatmen, 86 Mentality