A word about shipping and pricing....

Shipping stuff is getting trickier and more expensive all the time. For this reason, I am only shipping within the US currently. I want to keep it affordable, so I'll be using Media Mail. Larger orders will most likely be bumped up to first class.  Please message me if you want a faster shipping rate than media mail, and I'll try to work something out with you. I'll provide tracking for each order.

I'm trying to keep the prices as low as possible. I referenced Discogs, Ebay and other distros to make sure my prices are competitive, so you can get the best bang for your buck. Some items cost more than others, simply because they go for more in the "collectors market", but I'm trying to ensure that I am offering the best possible value within those parameters. "Priced to move" as they say. Hopefully the cash that the used sales generate will help me get some hot new releases from the Ebullition distro and some smaller labels. 

Thanks Everyone!
Patrick / GZS