Still / Form - From the Rot is a Gift LP

Still / Form - From the Rot is a Gift LP

Via Hex Records:
"Still / Form is a 3 piece band that emerged in the midst of the
stagnation of 2020, as people shuttered themselves in and thought of
ways to pass the time.

Guitarist/vocalist Robert Comitz’s previous band, Marriage + Cancer,
had recently dissolved and he was thinking of what was to come next.
After trading out some gear, messing around with new sounds and tones, and coming across bassist Kirk Evans (Dark Numbers) and drummer Ryan Losli (Almost Is Nothing/Ireshrine), Still / Form took shape.

They spent the better part of a year crafting songs in Comitz’s
recording studio, which made it easy to demo material as it came
together. As they got the songs to where they wanted them to be, Still
/ Form recorded an album’s worth of material.

By the summer of 2021, they came out of their recording cave and
played their first show. Things started moving along quickly after
that as the record went through several mixes, eventually being put
into the capable hands of Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City) to work
his magic on it. The result is, “From the Rot Is a Gift.”

Retaining some of the disturbing and jarring guitar work reminiscent
of Marriage + Cancer, but with a much more sludgy heft, Still / Form
plods and trudges through a gauntlet of experimental sounds, driving
bass, and sharp attack. Comitz’ raspy vocals provide an unsettling
disposition against the music that can’t simply be categorized as
‘metal’, or ‘noise rock’, but certainly can be filed into much broader
and less definable terms, such as ‘weird’ and ‘heavy’.

Hex Records will be releasing Still / Form’s debut full length, and in
the meantime the band will be out and about playing more shows."