Histamine - Discography Cassette

Histamine - Discography Cassette

From the Demolisten Bandcamp page:

"If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to international punk/hardcore over the past several years (and you should), you’re well aware that Australia has been turning out a steady stream of quality bands. But for every act that finds its way to the discerning ear of the American punk connoisseur, there are several groups of equal quality that go criminally unheralded. Enter Histamine.

While many of their Australian contemporaries favor quirky synths or brooding atmosphere, Histamine ain’t that. Sure, their chorus-drenched guitars and pummeling low end bear a passing resemblance to the post-punk that has become a major Australian export in recent years, but clad in black turtlenecks Histamine is not. Instead, what’s on offer here is a stomping, snarling brand of hardcore that isn’t afraid to color outside the lines. Landing somewhere between the raw, no frills hardcore championed by labels like Beach Impediment and the darker corners of the Youth Attack catalogue, Histamine deftly weaves together the connecting tissue of various disparate forms into a coherent and—most importantly—ripping approach.

Ladies and gentleman, stateside for the first time, Demolisten Records presents Sydney, Australia’s own Histamine. This release compiles their phenomenal 2018 demo, self-titled 2019 cassette, and their 2020 self-titled 7”. Histamine has quickly become one of our favorite Australian hardcore bands, so we figured we’d give you a three course meal instead of an appetizer. Enjoy."