Hatefilled - Destructive Downfall fo Mankind Cassette

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Hatefilled - Destructive Downfall fo Mankind Cassette

Via Noxious Ruin:

"The newest LP on cassette from Argentina's HATEFILLED. Intense grindcore with a definite death metal influence recalling bands like Brutal Truth, Insect Warfare, or Phobia, etc. This album has replaced some of the previous goregrind influences with pure nihilistic death while still retaining that undeniable Hatefilled intensity and in your face qualities. This record relishes in the downfall of mankind and celebrates its imminent demise.

Listen: https://hatefilled.bandcamp.com

As with all NR Handwrought releases, this includes a hand screen printed heavyweight Maltese cross style foldout case, a double sided 8x10 insert, on a transparent red pro-tape."